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City empiria

We offer a wide range of security services


Your safety always comes first!


Protection of persons


Detective services

We provide personal protection to legal and natural persons. As a professional security agency, it is our mission to protect you. Your convenience and comfort is a top priority for us.
Do you have a problem that calls for a discreet and careful approach? If you have needs in the areas of searching for people or things, dealing with information leaks in your company, infidelity, or other concerns, we are here for you.

Armed escorts



Special valuables require special treatment and a special approach. If you are transporting a valuable consignment, our armed escort will make sure that it reaches its destination safely.
Do you fear for your safety and look for a bodyguard who will protect you at all costs? Take advantage of our professional bodyguard services who protect not only prominent statesmen, government members, politicians, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, bankers, but also ordinary people who need to feel safe.

Bodyguarding abroad


Event security

We also provide bodyguarding services abroad. No distance is too big for us. We will go with you to any place where you need to feel safe.
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